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MS Page 5!
The following week Dr Beeram called and said I had a few problems that we need to take care of. My Vitamin D, B-12 and Iron were completely depleted. He called in a prescription for the Vitamin D at my local pharmacy and told me I could pick up the B-12 injections at the CCC. So I started out by taking a B-12 injection everyday for a week, then one a week for a month and now I just take one a month. These injections are IM (intermuscular, meaning it goes into the muscle). I was so nervous for my first one; I held the syringe and paced around the room trying to get my courage up to do it. Once I decided to do it I just did it and got it over with. I almost laughed when I was done; it was painless and so easy. Dr Beeram also made arrangements for me to get an iron infusion. He told me itís done in two sessions and only takes about half an hour. The first was on June 2nd and the second was the following week on the 9th. It was very difficult for the RN to get the IV started and again she suggested I see about a port. Once the IV was started the nurse got the saline running. About 15 minutes in she injected the iron; it looked like thick black oil. Next the saline had to run for another 15 minutes; it was a piece of cake. I even went by myself, which is a big deal for me!

The following week on June 16th I had my regular appointment for Tysabri and I talked to Dr. Beeram about a port. He agreed and said he would set up the appointment. The Tysabri went well. On the 17th the surgeonís office called and we made the appointment for the outpatient surgery on the 22nd. Jennifer and I went and the surgery went well, it took about two hours. Everyone was so nice. The The Power Port was implanted on my left clavicle. My surgeon gave me some Lidocaine cream to put on the port area 45 minutes prior to the infusion. I felt fine; Jen and I even went out to lunch afterward. The next morning I thought I had made a terrible mistake, I was in pain and could hardly move my left arm. The incision site was throbbing. I have very little fat on my shoulders and clavicles so the port is only under skin and it stands out and is very noticeable. I took a Darvocet and stayed in bed most of the day. The next morning I felt better and only had to take Advil. Every day it was better.

I have started some photo pages for my MS Journey, start with MS Photo Page 1.

I saw Dr. Altman on July 9th and we both agreed that my latest exasperation was on the mend, my walking was so much better than the last time he saw me. The numbness up my legs was almost gone. He was very pleased with my progress. He checked my port and said it was a very good idea; he likes things that make treatment easier. He set me up for an MRI in three months and a follow up appointment in six months. I had my third Tysabri treatment on the 14th of July. My surgeon had given me so Lidocaine cream to put on the port area 45 minutes prior to the infusion, so I did. The RN was happy to see my port! I told her about the Lidocaine and she told that I needed to put a big dab in the middle of the port area and cover it with plastic wrap so it really absorbs into the skin. She also told me that they have some spray that numbs the area, but most people donít like it because it is very cold. I told her I would try it. OMG was it every cold, it seemed to freeze for a few seconds and then nothing. It was just a shock at first. She then inserted the special needle, it took all of 2 seconds and I never felt a thing! The rest of the infusion went the same as before. When the IV was done the RN just popped out the needle and put a Band-Aid on it and off we went! My next infusion is on August 12th.

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